Supply Chain Management represents an integral approach to planning, executing and controlling the flow of information, materials and services from the raw material, supplier components, through production of the finished product, to the final distribution and buyer.

Undergraduate professional study of Supply Chain Management at ZSB was created is such way as to offer students the basic knowledge of the technical area with particular emphasis on the field of traffic and transport technology, whereas the graduate level offers the possibility to further specialise in the field.

Functional supply chains are based on the synergistic supply alliances: engineering, technology, and business approach. Upon completing the professional undergraduate study programme, students can work as organizers of supply chains, technologists of supply chains, and transport and logistics organizers.

Today’s environment of SCM requires organisational, technical, and technological skills. Therefore, the labour market seeks professionals who are, based on the competences acquired in higher education, able to keep up with almost daily changes in supply chain management.

The first year of the Specialist graduate* professional study of Supply Chain Management provides both specialist engineering skills (courses: Operations research, Applied statistics in SCM, Technical
means of supply chains, Supply chains safety, Commoditytransport centres) and additional
competences in courses such as Strategic management, Human resource management, and Finances in supply chains. The second year of the study provides students with additional skills in courses Supply chains marketing and at this time, students must carry out a work placement
organised by ZSB. During the first three semesters, students can enrol in at least one of the following elective courses: Decisionmaking in supply chains, Transport and distribution, Supply chains risks, Supply chain challenges, Sustainable supply chains, Urban supply chain management.

Along with renowned professors who teach theory, lectures are also held by acknowledged experts with years of experience in specific areas of supply chains, transport systems and technologies, as well as by our external associates.

Both the undergraduate and specialist graduate professional studies of Supply Chain Management are part-time and full-time study programmes.

Specialist graduate professional study of Supply Chain Management has been developed, financially supported and prepared in English as a project of the European Social Fund 2014–2020.