Supply Chain
Management in the
center of Zagreb
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Become a supply
chain engineer
with digital
Be an organizer
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Supply Chain Management represents an integral approach to planning, executing and controlling the flow of information,
materials and services from the raw material, supplier components, through production of the finished product,
to the final distribution and buyer

Lukša Lulić, PhD

The Dean of Zagreb School of Business

Dear international students, welcome to Zagreb School of Business!

The Supply Chain Management study programme is a new and contemporary integrated approach to educating engineers of economic logistics. It includes all phases of planning information, goods, products, services, the control of the quality of goods, and the distribution of goods to their final destination.

Come join us and choose the study that will prepare you for a successful career.

Željka Zavišić, PhD

Vice Dean for Mobility and International Cooperation

Through the internationalization process, Zagreb School of Business is increasing the quality of its study programme.

Students have the opportunity, primarily through the Erasmus+ programme and other forms of international cooperation, to do a practicum abroad or even spend a semester at a foreign institution.

The experience of studying abroad, along with positive effects at a personal level, also increases the chances of finding employment in the domestic as well as international labour market.

Predrag Čudina, MA

Lecturer and chair of the Supply Chain Management study programme

Logistics, and the supply chain as its main part, are factors in efficient and effective separation of the processes of the flow of products, services and information, within and between business ventures of the same or different national economies.

These systems are becoming increasingly complex, bearing in mind the efficient coordination and organization of a large number of logistical phenomena.

The global business science considers logistics to be the last remaining place in which company’s management can increase its efficiency.

Find the Best Study Pograms

Both the specialist graduate and ndergraduate and professional studies of
Supply Chain Management are part-time and full-time study programmes

Specialist graduate professional study
Provides specialist engineering skills and additional competences in the field Supply Chain Management
Undergraduate professional study
Knowledge of the technical area with particular emphasis on the field of traffic and transport technology

Student Mobility

Erasmus + allows students to spend time abroad in one of the program countries in Europe.

Erasmus +
Student exchange can be realised through the Erasmus+ programme or through bilateral cooperation. For more information about our partner institutions, please check our website